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Giving Back

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Giving Back. Normally we highlight a specific nonprofit to which we have made a donation so that our stakeholders can get a sense for the type of charities that we support as part of our Giving Back program. Soon we’ll be updating our website with the list of 2016 beneficiaries, but we want to take …

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Tax Time News

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Tax Time News. Part 1 – Dharma Merchant Services has a new partnership with Taxfyle – a small business on-demand marketplace where you have access to the highest tax and accounting knowledge. Merchants can submit jobs, connect with a licensed professional, exchange documents, and sign for returns all on a mobile or desktop device … …

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Merchant of the Month – One Medical

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Merchant of the Month – One Medical. One Medical is the national leader in technology-enabled primary care – focused on improving the quality, service, and affordability of healthcare for all. It has over 50 office locations in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. “One Medical’s mission is to …

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Credit Card Industry Update on EMV

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Credit Card Industry Update on EMV. As a short review of matters of interest in the credit card industry, here is a notable update from this past year. The Europay MasterCard Visa initiative, or EMV for short​, completes its first year of adoption here in the U.S., which requires all point-of-sale systems to be able …

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A Practice of Giving

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A Practice of Giving. Earlier last month I came up with an idea about giving since the end of the year is the traditional giving season. It occurred to me that even though our company gives over $100k/year to charitable organizations, as individuals, we might not be exercising the giving muscle​ in a more personal …

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​7 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your ECommerce Site

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What does the phrase e-commerce bring to mind? Amazon? Ebay? Steam? Most people know the big names, and understand that it refers to buying and selling products and services online. What they might not understand is that the concept of e-commerce has grown immensely in recent years. Most business, be they large or small, perform …

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On-Demand Tax Preparation

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On-Demand Tax Preparation Taxfyle makes filing your taxes easier than ever before and will match you with a licensed CPA specializing in your tax position. All you need to do to get started is to answer a few basic questions and submit your tax documents. Documents can be uploaded from device memory, cloud services, or …

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Recent Election

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Recent Election. Intellectually, I know that I am not defined by my political views and ideology, but that did not seem to help much after the recent election. In fact, it felt like my glass was much less than half empty – more like bone dry! If you are familiar with the five stages of …

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Support Tip – Fraud

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Support Tip – Fraud. Tis the season to be fraudulent. Christmas sales have already spiked for our merchants, which is an indication that the economy is benefitting from consumer confidence, but this is also the time of year that we see an upturn in fraud and fraudulent sales activity, particular to web-based retailers. As a …

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